How Do I Get Involved?
The RWMG and RAC developed the following vision statement to provide overall direction to the Region's IRWM planning approach:
An integrated, balanced, and consensus-based approach to ensuring the long-term sustainability of San Diego's water supply, water quality, and natural resources.

All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the IRWM Program and any associated planning or funding efforts. Participation is possible through several mechanisms, including attending RAC meetings and public workshops, and by reviewing draft materials. Stakeholders are essential for achieving a higher level of integration of watershed projects, whereby the multiple benefits of water supply, water quality and natural resources can be achieved concurrently.

Interested parties are encouraged to join the stakeholder list for notifications of upcoming meetings and IRWM Program activities. To join the stakeholder list, contact Sally Johnson.

If you would like a presentation at your organization about the San Diego IRWM Program, please contact Sally Johnson.

Following are ways to get involved with the IRWM Program: