2017 Storm Water Resource Plan
In 2016 and 2017, the County of San Diego, in collaboration with the San Diego County Copermittees, prepared a Functionally Equivalent Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP). The SWRP incorporates storm water planning information from a variety of sources across the county, and developed criteria to assist project sponsors in identifying opportunities to improve their projects to provide multiple benefits. All storm water and dry weather capture projects seeking funding through Proposition 1 are required to be included in the SWRP. The SWRP includes a "living" prioritized project list that agencies can add to and update through the online project database (http://irwm.rmcwater.com/sd/login.php) The Final SWRP contains a list of projects submitted during the project solicitation process that took place in November, however projects can be continually added or modified through the online project database. The Final Draft SWRP was submitted to the State Water Resources Control Board on March 1, 2017, and revised to provide additional guidance on benefit calculations in June 2017.

The Final SWRP can be downloaded using the links below. If you have any questions regarding the SWRP, please contact Ruth De La Rosa, County of San Diego, via email (Ruth.Delarosa@sdcounty.ca.gov).

San Diego County Region Storm Water Resource Plan - Final (June 2017)

Final San Diego County Region Storm Water Resource Plan

SWRP Cover and Table of Contents Appendix A: SWRP Guidelines Checklist and Self-Certification
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction Appendix C: Materials from RAC Meeting
Chapter 2: Organization, Coordination, and Collaboration Appendix D: Response to Comments
Chapter 3: Watershed Identification Appendix E: Restoration Opportunities
Chapter 4: Water Quality Compliance Appendix F: SWRP Criteria and Metrics Checklist
Chapter 5: Quantitative Methods and Identification and Prioritization of Projects
Chapter 6: Implementation Strategy and Schedule Appendix H: Water Supply Analysis
Chapter 7: Process for Plan Updates, Program Assessment, and Adaptive Management Appendix I: Prioritized Projects

To assist project sponsors with benefit calculations, the County has developed a series of calculators available in Excel. The calculators are planning tools that provide conceptual level computations, using variables averaged across scales inappropriate for design or predictive purposes. Results can be used for conceptual planning and grant applications, but Project Sponsors should use more sophisticated methods when greater levels of detail are required. Please review the "Read Me" tab of the Calculator prior to use. The Benefits Calculator can be downloaded here: SWRP Worksheet Calculators

The 2017 SWRP was accepted into the San Diego IRWM Plan via letter on April 13, 2017, and received a concurrence letter from SWRCB on April 28, 2017.
SWRP Acceptance Letter (April 13, 2017)
SWRCB SWRP Concurrence Letter (April 28, 2017)

Stormwater Capture and Use Feasiblity Study
The County of San Diego, in collaboration with the MS4 Copermittees, is developing a Stormwater Capture and Use Feasibility Study (SWCFS) to evaluate opportunities for stormwater capture and use on public parcels. Regular updates on the SWCFS are provided to the RAC (see "Presentations" under applicable RAC meetings here: http://www.sdirwmp.org/regional-advisory-committee). Additional information on the SWCFS can be found on Project Clean Water's SWCFS page, here: http://www.projectcleanwater.org/stormwater-capture-and-use-feasibility-study.